My Wig Experience Past and Present

From the age of 10 I have always associated wigs with my late grandmother, they were her essential accessories. The wig subject always seemed outdated; they seemed to all look the same. This might have been because I never saw other wigs – I’m being honest with you. The only wigs I saw were my grandmother’s collection, yes I said collection.

A wig for every occasion

She would have the loose curl wig which would be worn to church while sporting her brightly coloured wide-brimmed hat. The straight chin-length bob-style wig would come out for family or friends’ social functions. Last but no means least the one which had no shape and no particular style; this was her ‘everyday’ wig. “You are in the house, no one can see you, so why wear your wig?” would be my question to her. “You never know who may come knocking at the front door” was her reply. The only times she was without a wig were when her own hair needed washing, and when she went to sleep at night.



Now in my thirties and having gained more knowledge of wigs, plus having the experience of running my own hair store for 4 years, I now see the whole wig world differently and the granny wig phase dying out. Don’t get me wrong you can still get the old-style grandmother wigs but that represents about 1% of the vast range that is available today.

Wigs on TV

In today’s society wigs are spoken about and brought in the same way us ladies buy shoes. Not leaving men out because they are also setting trends (shhh) but more on a discreet level. However us ladies we’ve taken the wig to the next level and beyond. Even Sex in the City Samantha joined us wig divas in the last episodes season 6, when she was diagnosed with having breast cancer.

sex in the city samantha

Some of us ladies still prefer styles that are very close to our original hairstyles. This can be very important especially if you are introduced to wigs due to hair loss from medical or stress reasons. From that standpoint, it can be hard to come to terms with wearing a wig as a natural habit of life. However, when it does become natural (for some it will be quicker than others) the possibilities are endless. When the comfortable, relaxed side of wig-wearing shows its head, it’s only a matter of time before you may want to be more adventurous.

Wigs today

At this point wigs become an essential accessory again but this time in partnership with either an outfit, new handbag, new shoes or simply you fancy being long with hot pink streaks “wigs name, Casey” for the day. Wigs can become part of who are, how you feel or how you want the world to view you. Control is what you have, control on how you want to look, which leaves out the expensive hair salon bills. Whoever heard of a bad hair day when you have wigs galore to explore.



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