Hi ya I’m Jay the creator of WearingAWig.com. I have owned and run a hair and beauty store and my main products were selling wigs. Over the course of that career path I learnt a great deal of information about wigs and all different aspects surrounding them. I came to understand my customer’s needs when they wanted to explore the world of wigs. Plus as I also wear wigs sometimes myself I practice what I preach.

After leaving that industry, I found I was still helping people with their wig questions or issues and wondered if there was a place already online where all this information existed. Well from my searching effects I did not find a dedicated place where you can just read and learn about choosing, buying, styling and wearing a wig without wanting to purchase an actual wig.

Plus from past experience I also understand how intimidating and confusing it can be when it comes to choosing, buying and caring for a wig. Not finding what I was looking for I created this website to help share what I have learnt and experienced whether from myself or from my customers over the years for those who want to learn more about wigs and looking after them.

This place is for all you ladies and gents who are wig wearers. Whether you are a newbie/beginner or a novice when it comes to wigs this place is to help, educate, unconfused and relax you when it comes to wigs.

I used to see the fear in my customer’s eyes when they looked at my wigs in my shop. It was then my job to put the customer at ease and allow them to open up gradually. Like them once you get past the first hurdle you will begin to enjoy the wig experience.