About Wearing A Wig

Greetings, welcome to WearingAWig.com, I’m Jay the creator. I have owned and run a hair and beauty store and my main products were selling wigs. Over the course of that career path, I learned a great deal about wigs. I came to understand my customer’s needs when they wanted to explore the world of wigs. I too used to sometimes wear a wig or 2 myself. Plus I also have learned about wigs due to my late mother having breast cancer. So share from experience personal & professional & from research.


After leaving that industry, I found I still helped people with their wig questions and wondered if there was a place online where all this information existed. Well from my search efforts, I did not find a place, dedicated to helping you learn about choosing, buying, styling, and wearing a wig. All the websites I found had the selling of wigs as its focal point and some information on the back end. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this as they are in business to sell wigs.


However, I wanted the information to be my focal point. From past experience, I understand how intimidating and confusing it can be when it comes to choosing, buying, and caring for a wig, so WearingAWig.com was born. This website is here to help educate people about what I have learned, and experienced via myself, my past customers & from continued research when it comes to wigs, hair loss, and topics surrounding these areas.


This place is for all you ladies and gents who are wig wearers. Whether you are a newbie/beginner or a novice when it comes to wigs this place is here to help. I used to see the fear in my customer’s eyes when they looked at the wigs in my shop. It was then my job to put that customer at ease and allow them to open up gradually. Like them, once you get past the first hurdle you will begin to travel through your wig adventure with ease.