Wearing a Wig e-Guide + Wig Kit

There’s more to Wearing a Wig.

Need help in choosing, buying, wearing, or maintaining a wig, then this Wearing a Wig e-Guide is for you.  It can be daunting into an area you know nothing about. Wigs are here to stay and more and more people are embracing the wigs trends whether its due to illness or wanting a change in style without the continued hair salon bills.

You will find a lot of information on the site. However, the e-guide is the condensed version with more tips. Plus you get some other products that will help you in choosing, buying, wearing, or maintaining a wig.


Wearing a Wig

Here is what you’ll get in your Wig Pack:

The Wearing a Wig e-guide e-Book to choosing, buying, wearing or maintaining a wig

4 A4 PDF’s Colour Charts

The Ultimate Wig Check List

How to video on making your very own wig cap



  • Where else can you get a dedicated Wig pack that helps you make the best choice for you when it comes to choosing, buying, wearing, or maintaining your wigs?
  • You get an instant download after purchase.
  • No more wondering online for help. Go wig shopping with the knowledge and understanding of what you want and need.
  • Know what questions to ask.
  • Know the handy everyday equipment, to help you make the right decision about purchasing your wigs.
  • Feel confident when purchasing your wigs online.
  • Feel assured you are maintaining your wig for the long term


7 Day Refund Policy if your Wig Pack is faulty when downloaded in any way