Hair Loss comes with Emotional Acknowledgment

Viewing, trying on and purchasing a wig may seem like an easy routine to go through. Well I have to tell you that for many, it is not easy or routine. Don’t under-estimate your feelings and your confidence when it comes to you losing your hair. Don’t believe it’s not a major issue because it is major and there’s nothing to be ashamed of by admitting it.

It takes a lot to acknowledge that you will or are losing your hair, or that you won’t be able to wear the styles you used to because your hair has gone thin. Your family and friends will support you and say all the right words, don’t be afraid to talk to your support network, let them help shoulder your worries. Talking about your fears and worries may not dispel them but they it will help you feel you are not alone.

My personal experience found my mother in this exact situation. She had breast cancer and was going through chemotherapy, so the doctors warned she may lose her hair. My mom had beautiful hair and she adored her mane, so to her losing her hair was more horrifying than losing a breast. That may sound harsh but these where her words and when she told me what she felt, I kind of understand where she was coming from and what she was feeling. It took a lot of strength for her to acknowledge that she may need a wig at some point. However, when the nurses came around the first time she was not ready and I supported her decision.

hair loss

Hair Loss can knock your confidence

This is why you have to remember that when it comes to accepting the fact that you may lose your hair it can be a major shock to the system. It’s a big hurdle to overcome, and there is no easy answer to when you will get over it. All I can share is that it will take time but when you have conquered that hurdle, feel proud of yourself for you have achieved a lot.






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