How to Buy a Wig

How to buy a wig may sound like an easy task, especially if you’ve brought wigs before. For those who are complete beginners, it can be very intimidating and confusing. I remember when I went to first look at wigs I felt intimidated and I was only doing my market research for the hair business I was starting up. I could just imagine how it must feel for those who were actually looking to purchase their first wig.

Get a Second Opinion

When you are ready to buy your wig it would be recommended that you go shopping with a relative or a friend, because you are going to want their second opinion. Even when you find the wig you like, you will know, but we all like a second person to like what we like. You don’t want to be relying on those who work in the store for their opinion, I know that may sound harsh but business is business. I know that you will find some members of staff that are pleasant, helpful, and sincere but at the end of the day they are selling the wig to make a profit and to be honest with you, you don’t really know if they are being nice because they are nice, or because they want a make a sale.

When I owned my hair store I was always there for the customer, especially when it came to wigs, however, I can say this because I know me, I cannot vouch for others so it’s best to be safe and go with someone whose opinion you value.

The next step to being prepared is to take a wig cap with you or a homemade one if you have not got a proper wig cap. You will need this to try the wigs on in the stores, many will not provide you with anything to use and they will should not let you try on the wig with your natural hair exposed, because that goes against hygiene regulations. Some stores will cater for this and provide a wig cap to use, but you don’t want to wear use theirs because that means other customers have used that same cap also. All stores that sell wigs will should have mirrors for you to use but you will not know how big they are.


I feel amazing too..

Asking for Privacy in Wigs Stores

If you are purchasing a wig due to hair loss, you may find that you are not comfortable trying on wigs in the store. Some stores do offer private rooms so you and your guest are alone when trying on wigs. However, these stores usually are specialist stores that cater for cancer patients or those who have hair loss due to medical reasons.

It would be best to ask if they have any private rooms to try on wigs, as soon as you enter the store. If they say no and you feel uncomfortable trying on in front of people, merely leave the store.  


How will you know you’ve found the right wig?

Trust me – you will know when you have found the right wig because you will start to smile your big smile and you’ll start to do head poses in the mirror. If you go wig shopping with family or friends you won’t hear them say “That one really suits you”, or “You look amazing in that one”, why because you already know you look good and because you love the wig that makes you feel great.

If you are looking at wigs because of medical reasons, you may not think you will get used to wigs because it’s a situation you prefer not to think about or be in. This may not be the ideal situation for you, but I can say that you too, will find the wig for you. You may not be jumping for joy or feeling “wig love” but you will feel the comfortable and relaxing factor when you find and are wearing The One.

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