How to Make a Temporary Wig Cap

You will need:

  1. 1. Get a pair of clean thin tights (old or new)

  2. 2. Tie a knot where the top of the tights legs join into 1 (just by the crotch)

  3. 3. Pull hard so that the knot is very tight

  4. Then cut off the tights legs

  5. Voilà – You are left with a temporary stocking cap (wig cap)

If your tights are thick, tying a knot maybe to bulky. So instead cut off the tights legs about a 1 inch from the crotch, and get 2 small elastic bands and use them to close each tights hole. This will make the tights less bulky when trying on wigs.

You can keep this stocking cap in your handbag for whenever you go wig shopping. You can also make another stocking cap to protect your hair at night if you choose the cornrow method of securing your hair.

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