[Videos] – How to Put on a Wig

There are different ways to put on your wigs

To put on a wig  is simple enough when you know how. Many people have different ways to do it. It’s best for you to watch the various ways available and them try them out for yourself. Only then will you kn ow what method is best for you. You never know when you put on your wig you may use a completely different way.

Video 1: The lady has thinning hair

In this video you will be shown how to put on a wig which is actually a lace front wig. Even though a lace front wig she does not use any glue or tape. This opens up the possibilities for you to explore buying wigs which do have the lace attached. she also offers a brief overview of securing your hair with clips and with a wig cap.

Tip: Make sure you adjust the straps in the back of the wig for extra security and for a better fit. It may take a few tries before you get the straps adjusted just right.


Video 2: The wig she uses has combs attached inside

In this video you will be shown how to put on a wig which has small combs attached to the inside. The lady shows how she secures her hair and adds her wig cap. She looks to preparing her hair line to blend in with her wigs parting.


If you want to recommend a video that is about putting on a wig please share in the comments.

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