How to Make a Temporary Wig Cap

Are you in need of a quick and easy solution to secure your wig in place? Well, I got you covered, in this article, we’ll show you a super simple way to make a temporary wig cap. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding wigs, and yes to a comfortable and secure fit. So, let’s get started on this wig adventure!

Also if you’ve asked yourself, What can you use if you don’t have a wig cap?. Then you are also in the right place because making your own will solve your problem.


What you will need:
A pair of old or new tights | stockings (depending are what you call them)
A pair of scissors
Thats it.

I’m sure you can find these items around your home. For our male readers, ask your other half for the tights. If you don’t have any pop to your supermarket and purchase a pair. Or your local charity store, they usually have brand new pairs pretty cheap. Make sure the packet is unopened though. The size you want is medium as the tights will stretch.


Let’s get started:

Step 1: Take the pair of old tights | stockings and make sure they are clean and do have not tears or ladders in the top areas. As you’ll be working with the upper part of the tights, which will become the base for your temporary wig cap.

Step 2: Tie a knot where the top of the tights legs meet, just by the couch area.

Step 3 Pull this knot tight. The tighter you make it (without tearing) the smaller the knot it will be. If you have very short hair you may not need to tie a knot. But that’s your choice. We tie a knot because we don’t want your hair coming through the open holes of the tights.

Step 4: Cut off the tights legs close to the knot but not too close. About 1 inch/2.5cm away from the knot. This part will flatten when you put on your wig.

Voilà there you have it! You’ve created your temporary wig cap. Now slide it over your head, making sure it covers your whole head. Make sure you secure your own hair first so you get a really snug fit.

Note: If you are using thick tights (not recommended), tying a knot may be too bulky. So instead cut off the tights legs & get 2 small elastic bands and use them to close each tights hole. This will make the tights less bulky when trying on wigs.


Quick glance at making your temporary wig

1. Get a pair of clean thin tights (old or new)

2. Tie a knot where the top of the tights legs join into 1 (just by the crotch)

3. Pull hard so that the knot is very tight

4. Then cut off the tights legs

Voilà – You are left with a temporary stocking cap (wig cap)


Creating a temporary wig cap doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With just a pair of old stockings, you can achieve a secure and reliable base for your wig.

Your temporary wig cap is a fantastic option for moments when you need a quick fix or don’t have a wig cap on hand. You can keep this wig cap in your handbag for whenever you go wig shopping. You can also make another wig cap to protect your hair at night if you choose the cornrow method of securing your hair. Want a video tutorial instead check out the wig pack which also includes a great checklist.

Give this simple make a try, and use unlit you purchase your wig cap or continue to use the one you made. Either way, experience the joy of wearing your wig without the fear of it moving. Wear your wig with confidence & embrace your fabulous self!





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