Hair Protection

Hair Protection

Placing a wig cap over your hair before you put on your wig is a common method used by many. After having secured your own hair in place, you may decide to wear one.  One possibility of have wearing a wig cap could be because your hair is long and you feel it may become loose.  Having a wig cap on underneath your wig will help you feel more secure and will help keep your hair in place. Another reason you may decide to wear a wig cap is because you want to use pins to help keep your wig in place. Having a wig cap on will not really help when it comes to pinning in place your wig, if anything it may make your pinning job harder. This is because with a wig cap you are effectively creating 3 layers to push the hair pin through 1, your wig, 2 the wig cap and 3 your hair and wig caps are not really made to have pins pushed through it, even though some are made of thin material. You can push hair pins through your wig and straight into your hair and that will work fine.

Nevertheless if you want to use Hair Protection and hair pins then a hair net is what you need because they are made with a stretchy grid system that allows for pins to be pushed through them. Don’t think that a hair net is too fragile to cope with keeping your hair in place, they are very durable and you also can get different thicknesses of nets from thin to very thick. If you want the peace of mind that your hair will stay in place better with hair pins, use a hair net instead of a wig cap. To use a hair net, it would be better if you pin it in place first by placing:

1: Place a hair pin at the front of your wig
2: Place a about 2 hair pins at the back of your wig and
3: Place 1 hair pin either side of your wig just above your ears

Remember that many wigs do have adjustment straps inside so you may not need to use pins. However it’s all about how you feel and if having hair pins in, makes you feel more conformable then go with that.






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