Let’s Put Your Wig On

With your hair secured in place, you are now ready to put on your wig. Each person will perfect their own technique to placing the wig onto their head. I will tell you the basics:

  1. Give your wig a little shake to loosen the style
  1. Find the back of your wig – which will have the adjustable straps along the inside
  1. With your wig upside down
  1. Hold the back of the wig, so that the front of the wig is nearest to you
  1. Hold your head down
  1. Then pull your wig over your forehead first and then slowly pull over your head. Do this slowly so you do not mess or lessen your hair, if you did the flat pony method
  1. Once your wig is on, use the mirror to adjust your wig and to align the style to your face.
  1. It should feel secure around your hairline
  1. If it does not feel secure, remove your wig and adjust the straps and redo steps 3, 4, 5, 6
  1. When it fits like a glove, you’re ready to hit the town!


Thanks to Youtube, we now have people sharing their ways of doing things. I have found videos demonstrating other ways on putting on a  wig, simply click here.





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