Combing your Synthetic Wig

This may seem weird talking to you about combing your synthetic wig; however, you have to remember that many synthetic wigs have their styles molded into place. Some synthetic wig styles can be loose but the molded styles are a lot more rigid.

Now you can loosen the style by simply using a wide or medium tooth comb, and combing through the hair. It’s best to start combing from the crown or top of the wig and work your way down slowly. This will not change the hairstyle, all it will do is loosen or separate the style more.

For example, if the hairstyle of the wig has a molded flicked-out hairstyle then by combing these you will separate each flick into smaller flicks, This will give the wig more movement and make the style look softer.


Combing your Synthetic Wig

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