How to keep your Synthetic Wig from looking frizzy

As I mentioned in cutting your synthetic wig, after a while, your wig will start to look a bit old and/or frizzy, this happens with synthetic wigs, especially if the style has waves or curls in it.

To combat this and to help your wig to look healthier and even new then you need to use an Oil Sheen Spray. This product can also be used on European or Asian hair to help tame and calm your dryness. Oil Sheen Spray is an afro Caribbean product as you may know afro Caribbean hair comes in a variety of textures, and this product helps tame the hair from frizzing.

stop wig from frizzing

As the name suggests Oil Sheen Spray is oil when you use this product you don’t need to use a large amount. A quick spray of mist all over the wig will do the job of taming it down while also giving your wig a new healthy shine in the process. When you go to buy this product you will see many different Oil Sheen Spray brands.


Don’t be fooled they all do the same job apart from one brand, your deciding factor will basically be which brand you can afford and what size tin you want to purchase. The brand that I use and is different from the rest is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray, this one is different because it caters to very dry hair, not many wigs would need this brand unless its has been left dry for a long period of time.


I use this brand because I only use a small amount on my wigs, but I all use it on my natural hair. The other brands are quite adequate of dealing with dry frizzy wig hairstyles and a large tin will last a while because you are not using a large amount. You can purchase Oil Sheen Spray from any Afro Caribbean hair shop or you can purchase online via my links the choice is yours.

There is a slideshow that shows you the brands that you can choose from and the brands can I use these are located in the product reference where I have listed all other products helpful in maintaining your wig.




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