Cutting your Synthetic Wig

Even though I did not cut my wig myself I still wanted to include it in this list, because cutting your wig does have some great advantages. First things first we are talking scissors cutting your wig here, so once its cut you can’t go back. If you cut it too short you are stuck with the new style, whether you like it or not, so be sure you want to do this method. Warning over, when you cut your wig you are actually giving your wig a brand you style and also a new least of life. By new least of life I mean if your wig is old, ends are frayed, the wigs not looking its best then by having the ends cut can make the wig look like new again.

The best way to use cutting as an advantage is to cut your wig in several stages. If your wig has long or medium length hair then you could have it cut a few times and each time creating a new style. If you cut your wig’s hairstyle in stages you can experience different lengths of hair without the price tag. So when you are ready to buy another wig you will already know which hair lengths you prefer to go with. If you do decide to cut your wig take it to a hair salon for the professionals to do it for you. You will need to wear it on the day so they can use your face as a guide. Be specific about what you want them to do, if you are not sure then just have a trim and then on your next visit you could take some more off.

If your wig is already short, then you could go for a trim and also ask the stylist what other styles they could achieve. Better yet get some hairstyle magazines and have a look at the short hair styles, then when you have found a few you like take the pictures with you to the hair salon and show your stylist. Ideally you would take about 4 if possible because not all the styles you take may be achievable and at least this way you won’t be disappointed.

Also remember there’s no rush when it comes to cutting your wig and unlike your real hair it’s not going to grow back so be sure you want to do it.


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