How to Style Synthetic Wigs

You are probably wondering why this section even exists considering synthetic wigs actually means plastic. Well there are some ways you can re-style your synthetic wigs but you will have to practice. You will need to follow the instructions carefully because; any mistakes could ruin the wig completely. Once you change the style of your wig, you may not be able to get the original style back. You’ve been WARNED!

These are basic methods I have used on my synthetic wigs and these have worked for me. Even though they have worked please practise on a small section at the back of your wig, just to be on the safe side. If you don’t feel confident changing your synthetic wig’s style then leave it alone. Or better yet simply buy a wig with the style you would like to have.

Combing your Synthetic Wig

This may seem weird talking to you about combing your wig; however you have to remember that many synthetic wigs have their styles moulded into place. Some synthetic wigs styles can be loose but the moulded styles are a lot more rigid. Now you can loosen the style by simply using a wide or medium tooth comb, and combing through the hair. It’s best to start combing from the crown or top of the wig and work your way down slowly. What this will not do is change the hairstyle, all it will do is loosen or separate the style more. For example if the hairstyle of the wig has moulded flicked out hair then by combing these you will separate each flick into smaller flicks, which can give the wig more movement.

Brushing your Synthetic Wig

Even though brushing your wig is a simple task, some still feel afraid to do so. If your wig has a straight hairstyle then brushing it will not affect it in anyway, at the very least it will get rid of my tangles it may have. If your wig needs some major detangling then use a wide tooth comb and just comb the ends, after you have got all of the tangles out then use the brush and only use on the ends if you don’t want to get the softer brush look. If your wig’s hairstyle is not straight, don’t think that by brushing it, you get straight hair because you won’t. Whether your wigs hairstyle is wavy, curly, or other by brushing the hair all you will be doing is making the original hairstyle softer in appearance and sometimes frizzy.

How to prevent wigs from tangling?

Many ask “How to prevent wigs from tangling?” or “How to stop the hair from clumping together or knotting?” simply run your fingers through the wig’s hair. The best time to do this is at the end of the day when you are taking it off for the night. Either run your fingers through it while it’s on your head or when you have placed it on your wig stand. This way it will be ready for the next morning, so all you have to do is put on your wig and go.

You will also notice that if your wig’s hair is long or medium length, the hair may get tangled more often at the back underneath the wig. This is where the hair will more than likely be rubbing against your shoulders and your clothes. There is nothing you can do to prevent this because it’s a natural occurrence unless your wigs style is short. Again simply use your fingers and run them through the hair. However be careful not to tug on the tangle bits when out in public, for unless you have pinned your wig on, you may move it or worse swipe it off your head. To prevent this place one hand on top of your head and apply a little pressure, while using your other hand to detangle the back. If you can wait until you are at home or in privacy then it would be better to wait.

Cutting your Synthetic Wig

Even though I did not cut my wig myself I still wanted to include it in this list, because cutting your wig does have some great advantages. First things first we are talking scissors cutting your wig here, so once its cut you can’t go back. If you cut it too short you are stuck with the new style, whether you like it or not, so be sure you want to do this method. Warning over, when you cut your wig you are actually giving your wig a brand you style and also a new least of life. By new least of life I mean if your wig is old, ends are frayed, the wigs not looking its best then by having the ends cut can make the wig look like new again.

The best way to use cutting as an advantage is to cut your wig in several stages. If your wig has long or medium length hair then you could have it cut a few times and each time creating a new style. If you cut your wig’s hairstyle in stages you can experience different lengths of hair without the price tag. So when you are ready to buy another wig you will already know which hair lengths you prefer to go with. If you do decide to cut your wig take it to a hair salon for the professionals to do it for you. You will need to wear it on the day so they can use your face as a guide. Be specific about what you want them to do, if you are not sure then just have a trim and then on your next visit you could take some more off.

If your wig is already short, then you could go for a trim and also ask the stylist what other styles they could achieve. Better yet get some hairstyle magazines and have a look at the short hair styles, then when you have found a few you like take the pictures with you to the hair salon and show your stylist. Ideally you would take about 4 if possible because not all the styles you take may be achievable and at least this way you won’t be disappointed. Also remember there’s no rush when it comes to cutting your wig and unlike our real hair its not going to grow back so be sure you want to do it.

How to keep your Synthetic Wig from looking frizzy

As I mentioned in cutting your synthetic wig, after a while your wig will start to look a bit old and/or frizzy, this happens with synthetic wigs, especially if the style has waves or curls in it. To combat this and to help your wig to look healthier and even new then you need to use an Oil Sheen Spray. This product can also be used on European or Asian hair to help tame and calm your dryness. Oil Sheen Spray is an afro Caribbean product for as you may know afro Caribbean hair comes in a variety of textures, and this product helps tame the hair from frizzing.

As the name suggests Oil Sheen Spray, is oil when you use this product you don’t need to use a large amount. A quick spray of mist all over the wig will do the job of taming it down while also giving your wig a new healthy shine in the process. When you go to buy this product you will see many different Oil Sheen Spray brands. Don’t be fooled they all do the same job apart from one brand, your deciding factor will basically be which brand you can afford and what size tin you want to purchase.

The brand that I use and is different from the rest is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray, this one is different because it caters for very dry hair, not many wigs would need this brand unless its has been left dry for a long period of time. I use this brand because I only use a small amount on my wigs, but I all use it on my natural hair. The other brands are quite adequate of dealing with dry frizzy wig hairstyles and a large tin will last a while, because you are not using a large amount.

You can purchase Oil Sheen Spray from any Afro Caribbean hair shop or you can purchase online via my links the choice is yours. There is a slideshow that shows you the brands that you can choose from and the brands can I use these are located in the product reference where I have listed all other products helpful in maintaining your wig.