Choosing the Wig for You

Wigs come in all lengths and colours imaginable, from cropped right into the nape of the neck, long enough to sit on, neon pink to sleek basic black. It can feel strange wearing a wig which is an entirely different length, style and colour to what your own hair is, especially if it’s your first time. Nevertheless it’s part of all the fun, wearing something that wouldn’t normally be you. Being different can attract some looks from passers by. Friends and family members may start giving you their opinions, to your new look. If that is a situation you would not like – then a wig which is as close you to your own hair style is the best way to go. Please bear in mind when I say looks by passers by, this falls under 2 visual facts.

When choosing the wig the whole trio combination is important – Experiment, Experiment, and Experiment, you need to try many different styles of wigs to know what you like from what you don’t like. You won’t know what suits you until you have the wig on your head and you are in front of a mirror. I remember having a customer who came into my shop and looked at my range of wigs and said “those wigs won’t suit me”. The reason people say words along these lines is simply because you are only use to seeing yourself with your style, your colour and your length of hair. Therefore looking at a different style, colour or length wig will be very unfamiliar to you. It can also be an uncomfortable experience, for you are also out of your comfort zone.

When my customers used to start trying on the various wigs I offered, they were totally amazed at how their appearance completely changed as soon as they put on the wig. They would try on some styles that just did not work for them and then there were others that really complimented them, so much so that it seemed like the wig was made especially for them.

When you begin to try on wigs you may not want to be too adventurous straight away. Changing the way you look can be daunting, especially if you are looking at wigs due to hair loss or for medical reasons. There a few things to consider when looking for a wig that is similar to your own style.

Choosing the right wig

Choosing the right wig


Deciding on a wig that’s close to your own hair style

Look at the amount of hair on the different wig styles, some wigs have a lot of hair which will make the style have a fuller look. If your own hair is thick than this style of wig is a great start. You also need to look at the style the wig has, whatever your own style is then you should be able to find a style very close to it.

Try: Even though you want to stay close to your own style as much possible, there are some small differences you can add that won’t draw to much attention. This can be the length of the hairstyle of the wig, if your natural hair is say shoulder length, you could try a wig with a neckline hair length. Or if your hair is neckline length, your wig could go a bit shorter, these are small changes you could try, others around you would only look at your hairstyle and think that you have had a hair cut, which is very natural.

Remember: Wigs can be cut and styled by hairdressers, so any hair styled wig you purchase can be changed, if it’s a human wig. To change a synthetic wig is a harder task.

The next step is the colour of the wig. Again you can choose your own colour however if you have many streaks, highlights or maybe lowlights then you may find it a challenge to get an exact colour match. Even though wigs do come in many colours, that still does not guarantee you will get the colour you require. You can also try wigs that are a shade or two lighter in colour. Going a shade darker is an option if you want to experiment a little, however those around will think you have dyed your hair, if you don’t want that attention stay away from darker shades for now.

Some wigs come in sizes that you need to measure your head for. However the majority of wigs have adjustable straps at the back. This allows you to loosen or tighten the wig to fit your head comfortably.

Remember: If you are suffering from hair loss, or your hair is falling out over time, you will need to re-adjust your wig straps. The less hair you have the more susceptible your wig is to moving on your head, so you need to focus on the wig straps.

A wig that’s completely different to your own hair style

If you are ready to be adventurous or outrageous with a completely different look then you are in for a treat. Depending on where you shop you should be spoilt for choice. Apart from the different hairstyles, you also have to decide on which colour when you have chosen the style. The colours alone will blow your mind, for the colour wheel for some styles can easily be more that 10 colours and I am only referring to your standard basic one colour wigs. You can also get streaks with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 or more colour combinations, highlights, two tones etc… You are now beginning to understand the multitude of colour combinations available in wigs. Learn more about what wig colours are available here.

4 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    First, thanks for your excellent help and info. One of the prizes for me when reading through the articles (not all read yet) was to find I don’t have to spend a lot more on very expensive ‘other products’. To be able to use ‘2 in 1’ on my coming synthetic wig will be a real saving for me with my budget restraints.
    The other thing I want to learn all I can about is wigs for totally bald heads and your best recommendations on this. I have questions like:
    wig cap or not? do wig caps made of nylon increase itchiness. I had fine cotton in mind since it is often considered best in ‘hot and sweaty’ situations but have no idea if wig caps are ever made of this? Also, how to keep a wig very firmly attached to a bald head? Are the wig straps sufficient, especially in windy conditions? I have a very sensitive scalp, so am concerned about the best approach where the bald head is concerned.

    Thanks for putting so much time into helping others. Very much appreciated. Kelly

    • Janet says:

      Hi ya Kelly,

      I am so happy that my information has helped. You have made my day 🙂

      Now concerning wearing a wig with a bald head. I don’t think there are cotton wig caps but don’t quote me on that. If there were the cotton would get sweaty as it will also be covered by your wig.

      I can understand your worry about wearing a wig with having no hair. The straps can be pretty good at keeping a wig on but in very windy weather then it may be something to think about. If other people have to hold their hats in very windy weather, then a wig may become loose. What you could try is wig tape people who wear lace wigs and toupees use wig tape instead of glue.

      This could help you with the worry of your wig coming off. You could use small strips at the front, back and at the sides and see how you feel using it. Amazon have a good range. Read the reviews you want on with mostly 5 stars ratings.

      To wear a wig cap or not. Well if you choose to use the wig tape then you would not need a wig cap. As you want a secure stick between the wig and your head. No wig tape and a wig cap could help with securing the wig.

      I would advise to get a wig cap and test it out in your home and see how you feel and how the snug your wig fits.

      I hope the above helps.

      Blessings Janet

      • Kelly says:

        Hi again Janet,

        I’m a little late getting back to you, but want to say a big thank you for the tips and good advice you’ve given me here. It’s helping me understand this whole ‘wig thing’ much better.

        I was wondering about the wig tape and whether I could use plain old double-sided sticky tape instead. It’d be much cheaper, but I’m guessing it would be a no-no?

        The vision of my wig flying away in windy weather is for me the stuff of nightmares ha ha 🙂 🙂
        Reminds me of the old slapstick comedy movies. Guess I won’t be laughing if it actually happens!

        All best

        • Janet says:

          Hi Kelly

          You are welcome. Stop wondering its a no no with double sided tape. The tape has to be sensitive to the skin so please go with wig tape :).
          You wig flying off wouldn’t be nice, so make super sure its on good. Put your wig on add wig tape, apply the wig straps at the back and give your head a good ol shake. If the wigs stays your good to go.

          Blessings Janet

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